A Free Challenge + The Best Advice I got When I was Engaged!

"Don't do it." 


Haha, kidding. =] More on that later...


My colleague, Rachelle, wants to invest in your marriage AND your big day. She feels so strongly about it that she is doing a FREE 5-day workshop for you. I do hope that you'll take her up on this opportunity. 


Rachelle wants to help you make your picture perfect wedding feel as good as it looks, so that you begin your marriage content, satisfied, and ready for what's next! In these 5 days she will introduce you to a system she has created for couples so that they are ready for life after their big day. 


Doesn't that sound amazing? I wish I had known her when I was trying to plan my wedding and forever happily ever after!


I became engaged when I was in graduate school, so I had the blessing of amazing professors and an incredible supervisor as I was working my way towards the second biggest decision of my life. 


My supervisor told me many wise things, but one of the best pieces of advice she shared was to decide on ONE thing that would be really important to me as far as the wedding itself. What mattered to me the most? Once I was clear on that, I could focus my energy, and allow the rest to not matter as much. In that season of my life, that was exactly what I needed. I wanted to focus on my clients and my studies, not planning a wedding. 


But here's the thing, I don't have wedding planning experience or skills. Maybe you want a picture perfect day. Or maybe you need help with all the emotional stuff that is coming up for you. Maybe the stress of combining two (or more!) families is freaking you out. 


If you are in the midst of wedding planning, I have some great news! You can do a FREE 5-Day Challenge with Rachelle and come out of this challenge with those wonderful nuggets of clarity, purpose, and encouragement. 


I know you will get much value from her challenge. She has 15 years of experience in this field and has worked with many different couples. 


She wanted me to pass along this information about the challenge:

"What you'll get from this Free 5-Day Challenge:

  1. Get clear on your wedding vision

  2. Find out what's stressing you out

  3. What are you feeling?

  4. Clarity on our wedding why and your fears

  5. Where are the gaps in your wedding planning?


Join the challenge now 

and discover how couples are preparing for wedded bliss —and how you can too!"


This is a great opportunity for you to stretch yourself and think more deeply about what this big day means to you. 


I love that she takes the stress and anxiety of wedding planning and makes it an experience that is enjoyable and meaningful. 

I admire her desire to see a wedding day be more than thousands of dollars on a great party. She wants your wedding to be worthwhile.


A note for my Christian followers:

When I talked to her about the details of this challenge, she said that she herself doesn't identify as a Christian. However, if you're a Christian, don't let that stop you from gaining the wisdom and truth that she has to offer! She still supports the value of marriage and wants to help you succeed in starting off on the right foot with your future spouse. 


Be smart about the work you do for your wedding and happily ever after. 


Until next time, 






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