The Blog has Moved!

You might have noticed that the frequency of writing for this blog has gone down. That’s because I am now working at the Phoenix Counseling Collective, and I’ve been working on their blog. I haven’t written any solos yet, (those are coming soon) but together, we have written blogs about all things therapy.

If you’re interested, follow me there!

I may still occasionally post blogs here specifically related to relationships, but no promises. I’m having a grand time with the collaboration. I will also still share the blogs that I work on there through the facebook page, so don’t worry about getting updates when good blogs are fresh. You’ll still get a heads up.

Thanks to those of you who have read, enjoyed, and shared my work. More is coming- it will likely just be coming to this blog.

If you’re interested in coming to see me for therapy, feel free to contact me here OR reach out to schedule an appointment and ask for me here.

Basically, I’m just a lot easier to get a hold of these days, because if you can’t reach me directly, we have an office manager at Phoenix Counseling Collective that will get you scheduled.

Excited for these new adventures!

Take Good Care,


Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash