We can preserve your relationship before it even starts, by figuring out who you are and how you want to navigate the crazy world of relationships.


Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  • "My friends think I should give him a chance..."
  • "Should I take a break from dating?"
  • "Should I keep seeing this guy? I can't tell if we are compatible.."
  • "I like her, but I'm afraid to get too attached"
  • "Am I doing it wrong? I keep going out but I never meet anyone!"
  • "How much baggage is too much?"
  • "Why do I keep falling for terrible guys?"
  • "When should I tell the guy I'm dating about my faith?"
  • "I want something real- I'm tired of the dating scene."

You don't have to figure this all out by yourself! I would love to help you sort through these and other big questions.



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