Navigating the really hard but super worth-it roller-coaster of marriage

You took the plunge. You got married. And it definitely does not look the way you thought it would or feel the way you thought it would. You're thinking "Did I make a huge mistake?" "Will our marriage survive this argument?" "I had no idea that he would expect..." "Am I giving our marriage my all?" "I want to keep trying, but I'm out of ideas" "Everyone else's marriage looks great- why do we suck at this?"

Maybe your marriage just needs a bit of coaching to maximize the love and minimize the hurt. Marriage is super hard. It takes a lot of work and a lot of getting used to, especially because people change over time! So you're constantly "getting used to" a new person. There is a lot that IS normal, but doesn't FEEL normal. I can help by providing accountability so you actually practice the skills you learned in premarital counseling, and I can help by showing you how to apply concepts to everyday life in marriage. If you need some new drills and skills to keep your marriage game sharp, I can help with that as well. Make an appointment to come to visit me in the Mesa office.

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