figuring out the messy confusing world of dating and single-hood

I think we all feel a little crazy in the world of dating and single-ness. It's common to fluctuate between being super nitpicky to super desperate. This is not "pathology" - it's normal! Handling relationships can be really scary, from being deathly afraid of re-living your parents' marriage, to feeling like maybe you can't hack this intimacy-letting-people-in thing.

When you find yourself asking questions like:

  • "I'm still single and my friends are all married- what's wrong with me?"
  • "When should I be worried about her drinking?"
  • "When should I initiate going from talking to dating?"
  • "I don't want to force the intimacy, how can I let it happen naturally?"
  • "How can I share my concerns without nagging?"

I can help you decide what the best answer is for your situation and help you apply the answers so you don't get stuck in a relationship going nowhere.

As your coach, I travel with you through the single times and the dating times, reminding you of your life purpose and helping you stay true to your course. It's hard to stay strong when you're feeling on top of the world and when you're feeling down in the dumps, and I can help you stay true to what you believe. If you're still figuring that out- I can help you by supporting you as you do the work to become a person who can be honest with yourself, and be honest and open with others. You might find that you're able to let people in (without clinging to them for dear life) after all.

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